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Create a Coupon Site in WordPress

How to Easily Create a Coupon Site in WordPress

You can get these coupons online from different affiliate marketplaces, and you can start promoting them on your website again. In this way you will earn money from affiliate and CPA marketing.

In this article, I have shared the complete guide to create a coupon site in WordPress. Follow this guide thoroughly and you will be ready with your coupon site WordPress 2 hours.

Steps that you will need to follow to create a Coupon website with WordPress:

First, second and fourth steps are common for all types of wordpress websites, and probably most of you people will understand them well. But if you are a beginner, then in this way I have given you some useful links below.

Useful articles for Step 1:

A video guide for Step 2 is given below: (Install WordPress)

Step 3, Most Important, Installing Coupon Theme

So now come, the most important step of this post, which is, install any coupon theme. It is the structure of your WordPress blog that decides your theme only.

Each coupon based theme can have different features. So keep in mind that you choose a theme that satisfies the needs of your coupon website completely and also provides other great options / features.

Clipper is a coupon theme, which is the best and recommended coupon theme. In this theme, you get all the features which should be in any one of the advanced coupon website. To see a live demo of this theme, click here.

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Another great coupon theme is, CouponPress That is Usefull To Create a Coupon Site in WordPress.

Step 4, Installing Useful Plugins

You can choose plugins on your own, and to get different features, you can install, activate and configure them. Below are some useful links in this regard:

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